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Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s email, file and collaboration suite of tools. When asked why we recommend Microsoft 365 instead of other services, our response is straightforward: we believe the Microsoft 365 suite to be the most comprehensive suite of tools and applications available for your business. One subscription gets you access to email, personal file storage, shared file storage, video conferencing, chat and calendar management.

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Our biggest client has a few hundred employees, and most of our clients lack a dedicated IT team. Typically, we see one person juggling IT responsibilities along with other tasks, managing everything from computers to phones to printers. These clients usually have a mix of services purchased over time for immediate needs, which might work but often have integration issues. For example, Calendly might not integrate smoothly with GSuite, or sharing files through Dropbox for a client meeting can be cumbersome. This results in a fragmented customer experience, with clients having to navigate and register for multiple services to interact with your company.

This disjointed approach often leaves businesses feeling trapped and unsure of how to streamline
their operations.

IT growth can be complex and costly, especially with multiple services leading to higher expenses and the hassle of managing different user lists and support teams. This disjointed approach often leaves businesses feeling trapped and unsure of how to streamline their operations. EPI, as a Microsoft Cloud Partner, specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses consolidate their IT into a single, efficient Microsoft 365 suite. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime and provide training for your team on the new tools, leading to significant savings as you phase out separate applications. In addition to this savings, you get Derek from Louisville instead of Tom from Overseas.  It's hard to understate the value of local IT support.

Using GoDaddy for Microsoft 365? It's a limited version, not offering the full capabilities of Microsoft 365. GoDaddy's service may seem simple for very small businesses but lacks the full features and administrative control of Microsoft 365. This can hinder your ability to adopt new tools or features as your business grows. With EPI, you can access the complete Microsoft 365 experience, often at a cost comparable to GoDaddy's limited service.

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service that will let you sleep at night knowing your it needs are handled

EPI offers a straightforward solution to transition your company from your current mail provider to Microsoft 365. Our migration service, which includes a free one-year backup using's top-rated products, ensures a smooth changeover with minimal downtime. While some technical downtime is inevitable, we strive to keep it brief, typically around two to three hours, to minimize business disruption. This service also covers free backup for your emails, files, chats, and videos for the first year.

Beyond cost savings, our service includes comprehensive training on using Teams, OneDrive, Bookings, and other Microsoft 365 applications. Choose EPI for a customer service experience that prioritizes your business needs and provides peace of mind for your IT management.

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