Elysian Productions has provided software development for both small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies.

Software requirements are fluid, and maintenance can be challenging.  Today’s software development teams need tools, processes, and leadership to ensure that the product they are developing has the highest chance at being successful.

That’s where Elysian Productions can help. 

Software development is not “one size fits all,” so you need a solution provider with the background to produce effective web sites, mobile apps, and internal applications that drive your company’s business strategy forward.  EPI has delivered successful solutions to projects of all sizes, accumulating expertise working with both small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies.  This experience provides a wide array of perspectives to draw from when approaching your company’s very specific needs.

Our team features high quality talent with knowledge in software development, dev-ops, infrastructure and project leadership.  We offer flexible approaches to your project needs, budget and time demands.  We won’t undersell a project just to get your business.  You can have confidence that we take your investment seriously and that your project will be done right, and with scalability in mind so that your solution can be maintained as your business needs grow.

We offer:

Work for hire: Client assumes full cost of software development, maintenance, and hosting. EPI customizes a solution tailor-made for their specific business needs.

Shared Ownership: Discounted software development, maintenance and hosting based on a negotiated shared ownership of the code for future product development.


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