Software is hard.  Anyone that has tried to develop software for a living or for a client knows that requirements are fluid, bugs are omnipresent and maintenance is a challenge.  Today’s software development teams need tools, processes and leadership to ensure that the product they are developing has the highest chance at being successful.  EPI consultants have worked with large teams, small teams, fortune 500 companies and small business; they have seen many different failed and successful projects. (Any consultancy that tells you everything they have worked on has been successful is lying to you.)  This gives us a wide array of perspectives to draw from when approaching your company’s very specific needs.  One size does not fit all in the software development game, so the only thing business owners can do is ensure that they have top notch talent working efficiently to produce the web site, mobile app or internal application that moves the needle for their company’s business strategy.

That’s where EPI can help.  We’ve spent time and resources developing high quality talent with the knowledge of software development, dev-ops, infrastructure and project leadership that your company needs to create the next great product that disrupts your market.   We operate on an hourly or project basis.  We’re flexible in how we approach your project and can talk about a number of ways to fit your budget and time constraints.  That said, we’re not in the business of underselling a project just to get your business.  We’re honest with time and money estimates and would rather have no business than a bad relationship based on unrealistic monetary or time expectations.  Software is hard.  It’s also not cheap if you want it done right and in a way that it can be maintained as your business needs grow.

Our ideal software development customer is one that understands that software projects rarely go as initially planned.  We pledge to take this into consideration and to be good stewards of our client’s money and time by always working towards what is best for the project.  We know it sounds cliché but you will receive cheaper offers and more expensive offers than what we propose; only ours will be close to an accurate representation of the costs and time to get to market.